Chestermere Parks: Explore Anniversary Park & Lakefront Areas

Just minutes from bustling Calgary, Alberta, the Chestermere community is an excellent place to live. Because the entire region contains lakes and forests, this ar...

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Chestermere Parks: Explore Anniversary Park & Lakefront Areas

Best Parks in Chestermere

Just minutes from bustling Calgary, Alberta, the Chestermere community is an excellent place to live. Because the entire region contains lakes and forests, this area is a wonderful choice for those looking for fresh air relaxation. Several public parks are in the immediate vicinity of Chestermere, making it a great relocation target for lovers of the outdoors. Read on to learn more about the public parks in or near Chestermere.

Chestermere Skateboard Park

Chestermere Skateboard Park Has Several Features

Just west of the centre of the community, Chestermere Skateboard Park is a small area to the side of Chestermere Boulevard and Rainbow Road. The site is not part of a larger park and hosts amenities for various wheeled activities. Enthusiasts using skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, and ripsticks can enjoy the premises. The area is free but not usually monitored, so visitors should bring and utilize helmets and other protective gear.

In addition to flat concrete, the park has several features sure to offer challenges. There are several raised curbs for small jumps and other tricks. Flat rails and elevated rails are also present. The most daring riders can even find fairly high ramps. The facilities are open from dawn until dusk, so this is an excellent place to visit after school or work. Because it is centrally located and near several neighbourhoods, it is a popular area for skaters.

Founders Point Park

Founders Point Park is a green space next to Chestermere Lake just west of the intersection of Chestermere Blvd and Trans-Canada Highway. The park contains two small lakes and lots of wide-open grass, and it's a great place to go for a stroll or have a small picnic with friends. The proximity to several blocks within The Cove neighbourhood also makes this a welcome place for urban hikers.

Because it is a wide-open field, there are no admission fees. Visitors will need to bring whatever sports or relaxation tools are required, from picnic baskets to footballs. Don't forget to walk along the water to watch the views of the other side of the lake. The park also features a small cairn created as a landmark for a time capsule set for 2052.

John Peake Memorial Park

John Peake Memorial Park Features a Nice Walkway

John Peake Memorial Park is another waterfront green space on the other side of Chestermere Lake. While this option also has some wide-open areas for picnics or sports play on the grass, there are also a few more structures. To the south, boaters will find a launching point for water vehicles. There is also a small pier near the centre of the park. Runners and bikers will love using the walkway along the water that loops back around to the large parking lot.

The John Peake Memorial gazebo is an excellent area for covered picnics and special events. In fact, the city itself hosts several annual events and musical parties each year – don't miss Winterfest or Canada Day!

Anniversary Park

Only a few feet from the previously mentioned parks, Anniversary Park is another lakeside option. Also free for visitors, this is an additional great area to walk along the many paths, enjoy the grassy hills, or have a picnic. Unlike some other locations, this option also has public bathrooms onsite. Rent the promenade to make special events unforgettable.

Of course, the park's best feature is its beach, where visitors can spend those warm summer days or milder weather the rest of the year. Bring friends for impromptu sand sports like throwing a Frisbee.

Rainbow Falls Park

Rainbow Falls Park Features Places to See Ducks

Nestled in between rows of houses near the southwest corner of the community in one of Chestermere's best neighbourhoods, there's the hidden jewel of Rainbow Falls Park. The public facility makes the most of a small space with a winding path through trees and wonderfully manicured plants and shrubs. Visitors will find plenty of areas to sit and watch the local wildlife, including foxes, ducks, and other water-loving fowl that have taken residence. A small artificial lake also runs through the park, providing peaceful auditory backdrops of gentle splashes.

Best of all, the name Rainbow Falls was not picked at random. The park has several waterfalls, including step waterfalls beside a walkway and a larger rocky structure. Although the water does not run in the colder months, this is still a great place to take a walk and enjoy the snowy scenery.

Sunset Park

Sunset Park is another excellent spot for outdoor fun on the shores of Chestermere Lake. The park is a beautiful scene for lakeside picnics or group events and contains plenty of space for outside walks or games played on the grass. Some picnic tables with barbecue pits are dispersed around the area, allowing both privacy and wide-open backdrops. There is also a sandy beach area complete with a volleyball net.

Windy weather may find kite flyers catching the air while sailboarders enjoy the water. Paddle-boarders are another common sight. Everything is free for visitors.

Chestermere Family Bike Park

Chestermere Family Bike Park Features Obstacles

Chestermere Family Bike Park was designed for those who enjoy riding bikes over rougher terrain. This park is not an area for a leisurely ride; guests will find plenty of loops, dirt ramps, and hills here. There are many smaller obstacles for novices and larger dirt and wood structures for those requiring a challenge. The most experienced skill levels will even find some big ramps to catch plenty of air during jumps.

Visitors just watching can also find street parking and gazebos for relaxed spectating. A porta-potty is also available for those who do not want to leave the action.

Chestermere Open-Air Fun

Visitors and new residents planning to move to Chestermere will find this community a place for fresh air. Especially around Chestermere Lake, there are several areas for different activities. Enjoy paddle-boarding or sailboarding on the water, or play on the beach. Either way, a great time will be had by all.

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