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Ankush's journey began in the enchanting Himalayan town of Shimla, India. In 2015, he embarked on an adventure across continents, venturing to Canada in pursuit of higher education. His destination: the vibrant city of Toronto. Yet, it was in 2017 when his heart found its true home in Calgary, a city that beckoned him to establish deep-rooted connections. His diverse career path across various sectors, including IT, construction, hospitality, and logistics, indicates his adaptability and ability to acquire valuable skills in different domains.

His experience in negotiations, strategic planning, business etiquette, problem-solving, patience, customer service and time management suggests a well-rounded skill set that can be invaluable in the real estate industry. Ankush's passion for helping clients identify optimal decisions and aligning them with their needs and desires, which he discovered during his tenure as a customer service representative, speaks to his client-focused approach and dedication to providing excellent service.

The decision to transition into real estate in 2022 reflects Ankush's desire to empower others in realizing their dreams. With his background in strategic negotiations and his unwavering commitment to prioritizing clients' best interests, Ankush is well-suited to guide clients through their real estate transactions.

If you're in need of assistance with your real estate endeavors, Ankush's combination of skills, diverse experiences, and commitment to client satisfaction makes him a compelling choice as a real estate professional to work with.

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